Knowledgebase: OSK188 Service Center
It's FOC ... Register Now!
Posted by HY Fong on 18 December 2007 04:03 PM

It's FOC.....Register Now. What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

Step 1 : Go to OSK188 Service Center

1. Connect to the internet, type

2. Click on the Register Widget to invoke the Registration Form. See below :

Step 2 : Fill up the Registration Form

1. Fill up all the required columns, existing OSK188 client fills in username.

2. You have to key in a valid email address for validation purpose.

3. Lastly, click on the register button to submit your application. See below :

Step 3 : Successfully Registered, Validation Pending

1. Once you have registered successfully your application will be sent to the Service Center.

2. Sevice Center Staff will then validate your application if there is no error.

3. Finally, you will receive an acknowledgement email from Service Center and will be able to login successfully. See below :

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