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Unable to view Global Trading Market Price
Posted by - NA - on 13 October 2010 06:35 PM



Q:  I am trying to view Tracker, but nothing appears when I clicked on the button. Why?



      A : Kindly check your pop-up blocker settings. If you are using IE, please follow the steps              




·         Go to Tools > Pop-Up Blocker  > Pop-Up Blocker Settings > Please add and ensure it's under "Allowed Sites" .




     If you are using Mozilla, please follow the steps below:


·         Go to Tools > Options > Content > Block Pop-Up Windows > Exceptions > Please add and click Allow button. Ensure that is listed under the sites allowed.










2.    Q: I have already added OSK188 in the Pop-Up Blocker Settings, but still I can't open the  


          Movement. How can I solve this?


      A: Please ensure that under the “Notifications and blocking level”, both of the box are ticked as 


                 per screen shot below:






Blocker Settings to allow OSK188 website. Can you help me?



A1: This might be due the toolbars installed on your browser. If you have installed Google


                    toolbar, please follow these steps:












  • Please click on the “Spanner” symbol at the top of the browser, at  your right hand-side, click Options.






  • Ensure that the Pop-up Blocker (under Tools) is unchecked as above.









   Q: I tried to view Global Trading, but the page does not appear. I already setup my Pop-Up   






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