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Posted by Sathisan Balan on 07 October 2010 02:51 AM

 1.   Question    : I have updated Mozilla to the latest version. However, I could not select the Market. The 


                                           drop down menu is not functioning. I can only see SGX.      

                        Anwser     : Mozilla 3.6 (latest version), Opera, Safari & Google Chrome  are not compatible with


                                           Global Trading System. Please use IE 7 & above.






                  2.     Question   : Why can't I view “myPage” in Global Trading?It says here it is only available using


                                           IE5.5 & above

                        Anwser     : Please use IE 7 & above even though it stated there IE5.5. This is because you will    


                         encounter the error  “Page cannot be Displayed” if you want to  view “myOrders”.



3.     Question   : Is there any minimum requirements if I am using IE for Local Trading and Global




                        Anwser     : Yes, please ensure you are using IE 7 & above only.






                  4.   Question   : Is there any pros and cons using either Mozilla or IE?


                        Anwser     : We could not determine which browser is better than the other, but you are advisable to


                                            use IE 7 & above for maximum usability of the system.









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