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Can't view my equity prices
Posted by Sathisan Balan on 07 October 2010 02:39 AM

Install latest Java version 1.6


1- Go to "188OMS NEW RELEASE Ver3.5.4 Download Now"

2- Go thru on that link do download the selection under no 2(d)

3- You may find link to click to download the java

4- Once the download complete please restart the PC



Q : I already install Java but still can't view equity prices. Why?



A1: Restart your browser to ensure successful installation of Java in the browser.


A2: Kindly check your ActiveX Control plug in as below :


                        * Open Internet Explorer.


                        * Click on Tools then Internet Options.


                        * Choose Security Tab.


* Click on Custom Level.


*  Check the radio button against Enable, under ActiveX controls and Plug-ins.


* Click OK.


* In warning window asking Are you sure you want to change the security settings at


   this zone?, Click Yes.


                        * Click Apply and then Click OK.  



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